The Pure Worship Podcast

Who’s Your Daddy?

October 15, 2019

The enemy of our souls is hard at work to destroy the image of our heavenly Father. He realizes if he can distort that image, our connection with the “God as Father” metaphor will likely derail our ability to walk closely with our Creator based on toxic issues we’ve had with our earthly fathers. Why would we find any enthusiasm about embracing the #1 most important purpose of our lives—to come to the Father in relationship—if we’ve already embraced a sour image of Him? If the enemy is allowed to take this away, He is essentially taking everything away! Our only hope is to renew our minds on the truth—the truth that our God is the foundational embodiment of what a loving father SHOULD be, rather than an extension of the bad examples of other poor fathers and leaders we’ve had in our lives. Tune in today to refresh your heart toward your Father in heaven.

WATER WELLS: Don't forget to join the Deyo's by giving to Speed the Light through their home church, Celebration Church, as they run a 10k this Sunday, October 20 to raise money to provide clean water for those who have none. Here is the link Thank you!