The Pure Worship Podcast

Time to Revive

February 19, 2019

Isn’t it crazy how paralyzed we become when someone mentions the idea of sharing the Gospel? It’s like there’s nothing we fear more than opening our mouths to talk to a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger about the One we love so much. Trust me, I get it. There have been many times I’ve done just about anything I could to avoid talking to someone about Jesus—even when I knew the Holy Spirit was leading me. On today's podcast, I switch things up and interview Josh about the incredible ministry he is now partnered with that has completely revolutionized his approach to sharing his faith in Christ with others. We demystify things a bit and also share some easy to follow ideas for getting the conversation started with unbelievers. Whether you're looking to increase your courage in sharing your faith or you're interested in supporting Josh and Megan Edwards in prayer or financially, you're going to be blown away by the inspiring stories we share!