The Pure Worship Podcast

The Worship Evangelism Paradox

April 9, 2019

I remember years ago I stumbled upon the idea of Worship/Evangelism, and it rocked my world. I had always thought of these two things as two completely opposite ideas. Worship music was something only relevant to believers, while evangelism was something aimed at unbelievers that would be rendered ineffective if it included musical worship. But then I started seeing this idea challenged right before my very eyes. I’d be leading worship with my old band, Sonicflood, and people would come up to us afterward with testimonies of how they had given their hearts to Christ during our worship “concert” or how they had been powerfully drawn into our outdoor worship nights as an unbeliever. It was like the very thing I thought would turn them away—lame worship music—was touching these pre-saved people in ways few things could. As they ventured into an environment where Jesus was being lifted up, he was actually accomplishing exactly what his Word says in John 12:32, and drawing all people to himself. Listen to today's podcast to see how you can get involved! And stay tuned to the very end for a special clip of North Central University's touching brand new NCU Worship Live single "Breath of Heaven (It Is Well)."