The Pure Worship Podcast

The Greatest in the Kingdom

January 15, 2019

It's interesting to think about. The greatest in the Kingdom. What or who does Jesus say qualifies? Not surprisingly, it's different than we might expect. God is always flipping things on us concerning his Kingdom. Just when we think it's about being religious and holy or following all of the rules, Jesus throws us a huge curve ball. Become like a child, he says. Whatever that means! Still, he doesn't stop there. He ventures even further out onto the limb. It's true. Not only does he give us the ultimate paradox of equating living for God with becoming like a child, he also ties entrance into the Kingdom to this strange, supernatural phenomenon. How can it be? We spend our whole lives trying to grow up, putting our childish ways behind us; then Jesus comes along and messes everything up. But wait. Maybe there's a difference between being childish and being childlike. Maybe there's a few secrets here that can transform our lives and help to save our souls. A few secrets hidden in this message that reveal who the true greats in the Kingdom really are.