The Pure Worship Podcast

Speak It Out

November 26, 2019

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hey, I don't know how you grew up, but I didn't grow up understanding the power of my voice to BRING LIFE in the supernatural. I was turned off by the abuse of this principle by the "name it, claim it" camp, and I allowed this to stifle a very good thing. In this podcast, we discuss the power of keeping yourself moving in the right direction by using your mouth to agree OUT LOUD with the things God has said, with His promises AND His principles. It seems every day that someone new walks away from Christianity, and you gotta wonder what we can do to keep ourselves from letting this happen to us and those we love! If you're concerned, like me, you simply MUST listen to this conversation. The principles we outline here will help keep you running in the right direction, no matter what craziness is happening around you. 

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