The Pure Worship Podcast

Rejoicing and Trembling

December 18, 2018

Guys, we don’t like being told how to worship. We might even get a little ill-tempered about the whole thing. But what if the Bible is calling us to be willing to go where our natural personalities don't really want to go? Don’t we trust the Lord? Don’t we believe he has our best interest at heart? If he’s asking us to break outside the box to sing and dance or bow and be still, don’t we trust it’s because he is doing it for our benefit? He certainly doesn’t ask the quiet person to shout out to hurt them, and he doesn’t ask the loud person to be still to punish them. He does it all for our good! Truth is, any time we find ourselves aiming toward comfort in the Kingdom, we know we’re likely getting off point. Most times, we should avoid approaching God in worship simply in the way that is “comfortable”—God’s ways may seem uncomfortable at first, yet we can know that they bring true comfort in the long run as we trust his directions. NOTE: We are taking 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years, so we'll see you again for our next episode on January 8, 2019!