The Pure Worship Podcast

Reigniting Your Heart for Musical Worship

March 19, 2019

If you aren't singing in your time alone with God, you need to be. And we want to help you navigate this by giving you some practical strategies for breathing life into your musical worship time. We know everyone out there isn’t a “singer." But you’ve got to know that there’s a HUGE difference between being a singer and a worshiper. I know lots of non-singers who are incredible worshipers, and sadly I know many amazing singers who aren’t very passionate worshipers. Imagine, never utilizing the other half of what your vocals cords were designed to do? Why would God give us a voice to sing (and command it in the Word) if he didn’t want us to use it? REMEMBER: worship isn’t so much about the music. It’s about relationship. But music was certainly created by God as a tool to help us engage with Him. And of course, in order to become a true worshiper, you don’t need to sing in tune or with beautiful inflections. You only need to make a JOYFUL NOISE. So let's do this!