The Pure Worship Podcast

Jumpstarting Your Prayer Life

March 5, 2019

Prayer can be an awkward topic, almost like talking about money, because we may not want to ask for help when we need it. Because of this, we can easily go through life not knowing what we don’t know—unaware of the many ways other people improve their time with God through prayer. Some folks imagine prayer as a boring experience where we list all of our needs to God or lift up all the hurting people in our lives. And of course, requests are a part of our prayer time with God. But what if there is more to it? What if prayer is simply a name we give to an activity that involves simply hanging out with God, talking to him about life—you know, much like the conversations we might have with a friend at a coffee shop? So, what does your prayer life look like? Is it regular or random? Is it relational or impersonal? This is what we want to discuss—and above all else, we want to share some of the strategies that have helped us take our prayer lives from mundane to meaningful, all so you can get your prayer life up and running again!