The Pure Worship Podcast

Going Public with the Secret Place

April 2, 2019

It's super common. Despite what people might think, many of us find it difficult to remember to engage with God on the daily. We only think of doing this AFTER the moment has passed. “Oh, shoot, I should have asked God about that!!!” But we’ve got to stop leaving God in the secret place and start thinking differently—we’ve got to start realizing that God wants to help us get through all kinds of different moments in our lives—from big to medium to small decisions. He has answers and tactics that are uber practical—things that are meant to make our lives and our struggles much easier to manage. Yet, we still believe we’re all alone, when all God is wanting us to do is ASK HIM. He is soooooo ready to help us, whether it’s knowing what to say in that important meeting, remembering that thing the boss told you as you were passing in the hallway, knowing how to respond to an angry friend or coworker, or simply recounting that one missing item on your grocery list. GOD IS A RIDICULOUS RESOURCE JUST WAITING TO BE TAPPED. But, we've got to get him out of the secret place and into our everyday lives! Let's talk.