The Pure Worship Podcast

Friend and King

December 11, 2018

We may not realize it, but our perception of God—based on how we were raised as well as our own natural disposition—has a profound bearing on the way we worship him—for better or for worse. Is God friend or King? Most of us gravitate toward one extreme or the other. Even so, some folks feel largely uncomfortable when God is referred to as lover or close friend—as if somehow He's being disrespected. Others mourn deeply as those around them seem to view God as a distant, relationally detached, “big man upstairs.” In this engaging episode, Jeff and Josh beg us to reset our God-perception in an attempt to reconstruct a full-picture, Biblical understanding of exactly who He is. Why? So we can avoid falling into the obvious trap of excluding great portions of His goodness that can circumvent our ability to respond to Him properly in relationship. Now is the time.