The Pure Worship Podcast

Faith It Till You Make It

January 22, 2019

Ever fall prey to your feelings? Ever let them dominate your decisions? Of course, it’s the most obvious way to live in this me-first generation. We’ve all struggled—who hasn’t? But what do we do when we don't feel like worshiping God? Or feel like reading his Word? Or feel like praying? Do we just fake it and hope no one notices? Do we shrug our shoulders and move on to something else? Or could it be that God has made us in such a way that the worshipers he is seeking understand that feelings always follow actions. That cravings can be shaped much like clay on a potter's wheel, by faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit. In today's podcast, God is bringing supernatural revelation to our hearts to help us grasp—once and for all—that we can walk in obedience to God and that we can become true and passionate followers of Christ. All you've got to do is faith it to make it!

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