The Pure Worship Podcast

Face to Face

February 5, 2019

Can you imagine? Looking GOD right in the eye—drawing so close to him that you can actually see the brilliant details in his supernatural pupils? Terrifying, right? I mean, we struggle to look each other in the eye at times—but God? THE God of the universe? That seems eternally intimidating! Then again, what if we did? What if we ventured so close to our Lord and Savior that there was nothing between us and him? So close that we were completely exposed. Completely bare—right there before him, in his presence? What if he saw everything, and nothing was hidden—what if we willingly invited him to see every part of us—everything he already sees. It would be scary, and there could be consequences, but it would be beautiful. In the end. Because there would be mercy. Grace. Love. Tenderness. Forgiveness. And 100% complete healing. Learn how to step out into face to face relationship with God on today's podcast.