The Pure Worship Podcast

Door Keeper

October 8, 2019

Hey we're baaaaaaack! And we're wondering, is it possible? Can we really live life with the idea that spending one day with God is infinitely better than spending 1,000 days doing the thing on the earth we love most? If we're honest, it can be hard to imagine. But what if we could change our perspective so this type of thing sounded less like a fairy tale and more like a clear and obvious fact? A fact we were compelled to live out in everyday life? We'll put fresh eyes on a couple of familiar scriptures as well as take a look at one of Cory Asbury's lesser known songs that you're going to love! If this peaks your interest, join Josh and me as we crack silly "dad" jokes while discussing the beauty of being a door keeper for Jesus. We'll also give you some ideas on how to flip the script on your attitude toward God.