The Pure Worship Podcast

Counterfeit Encounters

November 19, 2019

Have you ever considered the fact that the beautiful symbols of Christianity—the cross, communion, and other sacraments—can turn into a HUGE stumbling block toward real, vibrant relationship with God? Seems like we—along with the Israelites—are often dead set on finding something we can see, feel, or touch to engage with, instead of being content to connect relationally with our invisible God. Many of us even worship our emotions or our church experiences rather than attempt to take the time to learn to actually BE WITH the person of God. One on one. Granted, it is fairly difficult to wrap our minds around HOW to engage with the Being who spoke life into existence, and it is much easier to attempt to walk in close fellowship with religious activities. And so, in this podcast, we've determined to expose the unintentional golden calves that can easily "stand in" for true relationship with God. **Don't forget, you can join our family in providing clean water for those who don't have any by giving toward our 10K run here: