The Pure Worship Podcast

Come Boldly

November 12, 2019

So many times, we find ourselves needing to UNLEARN things we’ve previously learned about God, that is, especially if we're hoping to approach Him with the FREEDOM He desires. Unfortunately, we end up making up our own rules and procedures, often because of our own insecurities and failings. All the while, God has already done everything that is necessary to break down the barriers between us, to wash away our shortcomings, to tear away the veil, to make a way!!! And he simply invites us to accept his invitation to come to Him. In this week's podcast, Josh and Jeff explain what it means to come boldly before the throne of God, dispelling the notion that shame should keep you from coming or that coming boldly equates to coming with arrogance. Let's go!

Also, please join Jeff and his family by giving TODAY as the run a special 10k this Saturday, November 16, to raise money to build water wells for people who don't have clean water, ultimately opening the door for them to hear the Gospel. You can contribute here: