The Pure Worship Podcast

Big Freakin God

January 29, 2019

Are you unimpressed with God? Or maybe just a little blah toward Him? Have you grown numb to His grandeur or lost the wonder of all He is? Maybe we've fallen prey to the latest epidemic of wrong-sizing God. It's so easy to let this happen. To come to the place where we perceive God as just a tiny bit bigger than ourselves. To come to the place where we are no longer amazed by all He's done and all He is. Maybe even to a place where in our minds we begin to exalt ourselves more than we exalt God. If so, are you interested in reawakening your soul to the brilliance of our Creator? Honestly, the question is not whether He has lost any of His glory, but whether we have lost our ability to see it! Join us for today's podcast as we discover how we can begin right-sizing God again.