The Pure Worship Podcast

American Idolatry

November 27, 2018

As soon as someone starts talking about idolatry we tune out. I mean, what could idolatry have to do with us? We don't worship idols. Or do we? Don't be fooled. Idolatry may seem like a thing from the Old Testament or for those in third world countries, but everyone wrestles powerfully with the temptation to put things above our Creator. It's clear that we each have a deep, deep longing—put there by God himself—to be amazed, to be wow’ed, to stand in awe of something. It's like we're always looking for that next big thing, hoping to satisfy our souls. Yet it always seems just out of reach. And if we’re not careful, we’ll spend our entire lives scouring the earth endlessly searching for that one thing that could blow our minds—chasing earthly idol after earthly idol, always coming up short—when the very thing we’re searching for is the true fulfillment and wonder that comes from intimate fellowship with the God who made us. Tune in as Jeff and Josh break it all down!