The Pure Worship Podcast

Aiding Our Awakening with Singing

October 9, 2018

Holy cow, have we ever underestimated the power of singing! In our first five podcasts, Josh and I have been pounding away at the idea that worship is sooooooo much more than a song, but now it's time to be reminded why singing is truly unlike any other expression in worship. There are incredible bondage breaking, burden lifting truths scattered all throughout the scriptures that are literally going to set us free. If you've been in bondage to certain sins or fear or anxiety or insecurity for years, we're going to show you how to break free from these chains once and for all. It's so simple you probably won't even believe it. But you and I are no different from the travelers we find in the Bible. If their chains can be broken through musical praise and worship, ours can too. Don't believe it? Try us and listen in to our latest podcast. You won't be disappointed!