The Pure Worship Podcast

Shifting Spiritual Atmospheres

April 16, 2019

Do you know what you carry? Or better said, WHO you carry? On the inside? Do we really understand the power we have to shift spiritual atmospheres? That we actually bring the presence of a supernatural world with us everywhere we go? To work, to school, to the grocery store? The question is: does the Christ living in you make any difference—to those around you? Or is He hidden so none can see? I mean, when we walk into a room, do things change? Do people take notice? Does the darkness tremble? It's true. We, as believers, have the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead living inside of us. Truthfully, when darkness has crept in and all hope is lost, you should be able to show up and BOOM the light of Christ floods the room, bringing joy, peace, and life in place of gloom, fear, and death! This is what you were REBORN for! So let's talk about this crazy idea of shifting spiritual atmospheres so we can realize it's not as crazy as it seems.