The Pure Worship Podcast

Awakening Pure Worship In Me

September 11, 2018

The heart behind this podcast is to remind us that everyone is invited to the party, to cultivate a face to face walk with God. Not just Abraham and Moses, not just Paul and the Apostles. But you, too! Josh and Jeff share personal stories from their lives of exactly how God awakened a heart of biblically based, relational worship in them. These stories will without a doubt inspire you in your journey, helping you understand how you can experience the same close friendship with God you were created for. You may be disenfranchised as you hear preachers, authors, and other podcasters talk about their close walks with God, wondering if this is beyond your reach. But this podcast will help you rekindle that hope—a hope that says you are not left out from real and tangible, close fellowship with God. He is for you, and he wants this intimate friendship with you as much as with anyone.